The original idea of having a bilingual Lodge, that is, a Lodge able to hold its ceremonies in Welsh or English was the brain child of one brother who wanted to improve his Welsh. A committee of like-minded brethren was formed and soon the wheels were put into motion to achieve this aim. The English ritual was translated into Welsh and before long a demonstration team had formed capable of performing the ceremonies in Welsh.

In October 1982 Penybont Lodge, No 6743 became the sponsoring Lodge and therefore our mother Lodge. Thus Cyfrinfa Dewi Sant was born and consecrated on March 1st 1983. There were 27 Founder members.

From 1983 to 2006, the ceremonies were held, in Maesteg. It was felt, however, due to the diverse areas from which the members had to travel, that Bridgend would be a more convenient venue. Hence, from 2006 to date the Bridgend Masonic Temple has been Dewi Sant’s home.

Always wishing to improve, the Welsh ritual was reviewed, and consequently revised in 2007.  As a result, it has been approved by UGLE and will be used for ceremonies in the Welsh language from October 2019.

In 2012 the Lodge designed and purchased a Banner which was dedicated by the Provincial Grand Master in a most impressive ceremony.

The hard work put in initially by the founders and continued by the membership had come to fruition galvanising the Lodge under its own banner.

The Lodge has existed for 36 years. It exudes friendship and is keen to encourage  like-minded individuals to join the ranks of this unique Lodge within Wales in particular and the Constitution in general.